iconNOAA Now and Weather from NOAA present the latest weather and imagery from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Included is the latest weather for the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans; animated satellite views of the entire world; images from the Environmental Visualization Laboratory; marine information from the NDBC; the worldwide ultraviolet index; the latest US severe weather alerts. The content can be shared by email and on any social media installed on the device.  All data is courtesy of NOAA, NASA, and the JTWC.

NOAA Now is available for both Android phones and tablets (Weather from NOAA on Google Play), and iPhone, iPod touch, iPad.

The free ad-supported version is available from the following app stores:
here Android app on Google Play here

The ad-free iOS versions are available here:
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The ad-free Android versions are available here:
Android app on Google Play here here

All images in the application are courtesy of  NOAA and NASA.