This is the support page for Forecast Now, Forecast Now+, and Forecast Now free.  Most application problems can be solved by either restarting the device or reloading the application from the app store.  If neither of these resolves your problem, and it is not addressed in this FAQ, then please email Support.

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  • I downloaded the app and the app store says it's installed, but I can't find the icon.

This is not an app problem, and sometimes happens with certain devices.  Power down your device and then power it back up.  The app icon should now be visible.

  • Is my local forecast available anywhere in the United States?

The local environmental information is available for the entire United States, however, some towns are not recognized by the National Weather Service and it may be necessary to enter the zip code instead.

  • How do I change the forecast location?

There is a menu item on the forecast screen, or by pressing the menu button on the opening screen of an Android device, that allows you to change location by taking you to the location-selection screen.  Touching the "+" or  "Add" button on this screen will allow you to enter any town or 5-digit zip code in the US to obtain its local forecast.  Enter the town as the town name followed by a comma, followed by the two-letter state code.  Up to eight locations will be automatically remembered by the application and are presented in the "Locations" screen.  You can then easily select from these locations later without having to enter them again.

  • Why do some radar images have a message saying that they are not available?

The National Weather Service radar stations are offline at certain times.  The NWS shows a screen to this effect during those times.

  • Will Forecast Now send alerts to my phone?

Not at this time.  You will need to start the application to view the latest information from the National Weather Service.

  • Why do you want to know my location?

Forecast Now uses your location to provide your local weather forecast. The free versions also collect this and other information for marketing purposes to help keep the app free. You can either decline the initial request to share this information, or disable it subsequently in the settings app on your device.