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  • Why do I get a message that says "No connection to the server."?

If you get this message intermittently, it's probably caused by a network glitch or a busy server.  Restarting the app will usually fix it, although you may have to wait a couple of minutes.  If you get this message all the time, your device is probably behind a firewall or connecting through a proxy server or VPN that filters data from the internet.  You will then need to try and establish a clean connection.

  • How do I import documents into my app?

Most email clients, including Apple's Mail app, K-9 Mail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail allow you to touch an attached MathTech file, launch MathTech, and import the document. Files may also be transferred between the iPad and Android versions of MathTech and a consistent 1024 x 1024px canvas drawing area is maintained in versions 3.0 and later.

  • When I touch a text block, it doesn't show as selected.

This is caused by the current layer being different than the layer assigned to the text block.  If there are no blocks selected you can determine which blocks are assigned to which layers by selecting each layer in turn - the text blocks asigned to each layer chosen will then have their bounding box displayed.

  • Why doesn't the app operate in landscape orientation?

In order to provide a consistent canvas size and to optimize the keyboard design, MathTech is constrained to work in portrait orientation only on phones.  Both portrait and landscape orientations are supported on tablets.

  • Do I need to be online to use MathTech?

The free iPhone version, MathTech Free requires Internet access to operate.  The full version provides for offline use except for the export of data or images.

  • Can I export my equations into other applications?

With the document you want export showing on the canvas, select "Share..." from the menu, then choose how you'd like to export an image of your document.  You can store it in the pictures directory of your device, email it, or use any of the other sharing mechanisms.  You can then use the exported image as part of a presentation or other document.