Most application problems can be solved by either restarting the device or reloading the application from the app store.  If neither of these resolves your problem, and it is not addressed in this FAQ, then please email Support.


  • How do I enter locations?

When WeatherMatch initially starts you will be prompted to enter a location, either as a town followed by a comma and the two-letter, upper-case state code or the 5-digit zip code.  Do not include spaces between the town name, the comma, and the state code, and the state code letters.  Additional locations can be entered from the "Locations" screen in the same format.

  • Do I need to specify limits for each weather condition?

No.  In fact the default selection is "None" for the condition template.  If there are no limits specified, WeatherMatch will report the value of the weather condition without performing a comparison.

  • Why is there no information in the Forecast table for some of my parameters?

The National Weather Service doesn't report on all weather conditions for all areas.  If a certain entry is always blank, it isn't covered by the NWS for your area.

  • Why do some of the weather conditions not allow me to enter limits?

The conditions "Thunder", "Rain", "Snow", "Freezing Rain", and "Sleet" are quality measures only, and are not quantified.   They can be included in your template, and any information will be reported, but they can't be part of the match comparison.

  • How do I specify a wind direction?

Any compass direction in the forecast that includes letter(s) entered as a limit will be considered in the template comparison.  So, for example, if you enter S then any wind direction such as SE, S, SW etc would qualify.  If you don't want the direction to be part of your template, then leave the field blank.