Most application problems can be solved by either restarting the device or reloading the application from the app store.  If neither of these resolves your problem, and it is not addressed in this FAQ, then please email Support.

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  • How can I progress to levels 2 and 3?

Progressing beyond level 1 in the game requires a score of 32.  Unlocking level 2 then allows your score to advance to 64.  Unlocking level 3 allows unlimited score progression.  The game can continue to be played without unlocking additional levels, but your score will not increase.

  • Do I need to be online to play the game?

Yes, unless you have purchased the"Remove Ads" option.  Even if you have purchased this option, you will need to be online to login to Game Center.

  • Can I continue play on a different device?

Your Game Center data is stored in iCloud.  If you are logged into iCloud, have iCloud Drive enabled, and enable document backup then you can continue play on any device on which you have the same login.