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  • How can I delete a timeline entry, meal or ingredient?

All item tables support the standard Apple swipe left to delete operation. Friends' feeds that show on your timeline can only be deleted by unfollowing them.

  • How do I unfollow a friend who's timeline I've accepted?

Go to the Admin tab and select "Following". In the following table, swipe left the person you want to stop following.

  • How can I edit name of a meal I've already entered?

Long press (longer than 0.5s) on the meal name in the meals list and the keyboard will appear and allow you to edit the name.

  • How do I adjust my meals' servings?

The servings setting has two possible use cases. If you created a meal by entering individual ingredients for which Eating Now has provided nutritiional information, then use the servings setting to indicate how many servings are contained within that meal. When you add a meal to your timeline, use the servings box that is presented to indicate how many servings you ate.  Note that this is a decimal number, so you could have eaten 1.5 servings of a meal that has a small serving size (or you might have been hungry).

  • Why doesn't my name show next to comments I make on my timeline feed? I gave the app permission.

Eating Now looks up your name in your contact list, using the email you used to log into iCloud. If your name doesn't show in the comments field, make sure that you are listed in your device contacts list, and the entry includes at least your iCloud email address.

  • What's the best way to add ingredients to my meal?

Use the search box. As you start to type in the box, Eating Now will search the ingredient items stored on your device and show the filtered results. If you see the one you're looking for, touching it will present a dialog asking you to select the quantity for your meal. If the ingredient is not currently stored in your device, you can search online by typing a complete word in the box and touching "Search". Alternatively, if the item you want to add to your meal has a barcode, touch the + button in the top right-hand corner and scan it with your device to trigger a search.

  • Does Eating Now keep nutrient data it sends to the Health app up to date?

As long as Eating Now is approved by the Health app on your device, it will keep all nutrient information it provides automatically synchronized through meal additions, deletions and edits.