iconHigh intensity training (HIT) is well-recognized as one of the most effective methods of strength training. Its core principle is a single weight set performed to failure. HIT Log Pro assists your training by allowing you to enter your exercises and the weight used in each exercise (either lbs or kg), the number of reps in each set, combined with a method to measure the time under load (also known as time to failure).  The exercise names are listed in alphabetical order by default, but can be reordered to match the sequence of your workout.

A built-in timer is provided with a large dual-use button to start and stop the timer, and a display to indicate elapsed time. Touching the button provides a 5 second countdown, followed by a beep to indicate that the set should start. Touching the button again (or any part of the device screen) when the set is complete (muscle failure) stops the timer.  There is also the option to include a one-second cadence beep and a programmable interval beep to help in controlling the rep timing in your set. The displayed time can be modified if desired to deduct time taken to stop the timer after the set is complete, and the number of completed reps may be entered if you wish to track this.

The record will only be updated if either the value shown in the “Time under Load” field or the number of reps is greater than zero. Consequently, if you decide to abort a session either do so before the timer beeps, or change the value to zero before returning to the exercise page. If you want to enter your weights before going to the gym, put a nominal number in the “Time Under Load” field (1, for example) at the same time as you enter your weight values so they will be recorded.

The main page will display, for each exercise: the exercise name, the weight last used, and either the time under load, the number of reps, or both, providing a record of the key statistics for your workout.  There is also a section to enter notes about each workout where, for example, you could enter your body weight and muscle measurements, or machine settings beyond the weight stack.  Version 4.0 and later allows you to enter workouts recorded elsewhere before usng HIT Log Pro by setting the date manually and entering weights and times, and also backs up your workout data automatically to your iCloud account.

All of your workouts are stored and can be viewed from the "Workout History" tab, where they are arranged by the date and time of each session.  There is also a performance tab where, for each exercise, you can view your progress over time.  The energy expended (an approximate calculation based on the weight and time to failure) is plotted with callouts for each workout.

This application works well with any high-intensity workout, but was developed following the techniques explained in the excellent book  Body by Science: A Research Based Program to Get the Results You Want in 12 Minutes a Week by McGuff and Little.

HIT Log Pro provides native support for English, French, Spanish, German, and Chinese and works on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.  It is available here: