Most application problems can be solved by either restarting the device or reloading the application from the app store.  If neither of these resolves your problem, and it is not addressed in this FAQ, then please email Support.

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  • Does HIT Log support multitasking?

No.  High-intensity training requires your full attention.

  • Can I change the order my exercises are listed on the main page?

Version 2.0 and later allows you to change the listing order, but they are listed in alphabetical order by default, upper-case  before lower-case.  Press the "Edit" button and move them using the symbols on the right side of each table cell.

  • Can I change the name of an exercise and keep my record?

No.  You will need to delete that exercise (by pressing "Edit" on the main page, followed by the delete button which will then appear), then reenter a new name.  You can then enter your previous record manually by putting those values in the "Weight" and "Time Under Load" fields respectively.

  • Can I add my weight amounts to the exercises before I go to the gym?

Yes.  Enter the weight in the weight field and select lbs. or kg., then put either a nominal value in the "Time Under Load" field (1, for example) or your previous time, if you know it.  Returning to the main page will then store the weight value (and whatever time you entered).

  • Can I mix weights in pounds and kilograms?

Yes.  If your gym uses a mixture of weights, you can set the units on a per exercise basis.  One thing to be aware of is that mixing kg and lbs in version 2.0 and later will change the default alphabetical listing of the exercises, but you can always move them to any order you choose.

  • Can I abort my session once the timer has started without affecting my previous record?

Yes.  Either stop the timer before it beeps, or enter zero in the "Time Under Load" field (or clear the field) before returning to the main page, and your previous record will not be changed.

  • Can I pause the timer, then restart from the pause point?

No.  Pressing "Stop" stops the timer completely.  You will then need to return to the previous screen to restart.

  • Can I record the number of reps in my set?

Version 2.0 and later will allow you to record the number of reps if you choose.  You can record the time to failure, the whole number of reps, or both.  Prior to version 2.0, only the time to failure is logged.

  • How do I set the one-second cadence timer and the programmable interval beep?

Version 2.1 and later provides an entry in the standard "Settings" app on the iPhone.  Open "Settings" and scroll down to HIT Record.  From there you can enable or disable the one-second cadence beep (it's disabled by default), and enter a number of seconds between interval beeps (10 seconds is the default).  If you would rather not here this beep, set the number of seconds to a number greater than your expected TUL.